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I hate business speak.

Which is one of the reasons I prefer to work with creative businesses and audiences; I’m free to write the way most of us speak, avoiding words like facilitate. Actionable. Value proposition. And the verb everyone in business seems to be leveraging these days, leverage.

Not that there’s anything wrong with leveraging. It’s a cool word, and it does sound smart in strategy meetings. But sometimes all you’re really doing is using. Plain old using. Why not just say using?

And then there’s solutions, a word many design firms use to describe what they offer to clients. Again, sounds cool. And it’s a handy catchall term when you don’t want to list the myriad products or services you provide. But what does it really say?

When you think about it, every product or service known to man is a solution to some problem or challenge. Root canals are dental solutions. Belts are dressing solutions. Taxis are transportation solutions.

So, do I deliver communication solutions? By leveraging my copywriting skills?

Maybe. But I prefer to say it this way: I help creative businesses (and companies marketing to creatives) put into words what they sell or do, and present them in a way that strikes the desired chord.

No solutions, actionables or value propositions required. See for yourself.