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I like cookies. A lot.

As sweet treats go, they’re the perfect food. No dish, utensil or cleanup needed, fits in your purse or pocket, and if you’re careful, you don’t have to reapply lipstick after having one. You can’t say any of those things about cake or pie.

Cookies also make excellent gifts.

Which is why my favorite of all cookies, the Cherry Boomchunka, is baked fresh at a place called the Cherry Republic in Glen Arbor, Michigan and shipped directly to my Super Special clients at year’s end.

How do you reach Super Special status? It’s a complicated points system I won’t go into here… but if you love my first drafts and pay promptly, you stand a good chance of getting the cookies.

Trust me, you want these cookies.

Examples of lavish client praise that I like to think has nothing to do with receiving the cookies.

I like cookies. A lot.