Creative Freelancer Conference 2008, Chicago

Audience: Freelance designers, copywriters, illustrators, photographers and other creative solopreneurs
Items Produced: Self-Mailer, Space Ads, Website

Two years into my own freelance venture, I learned that HOW magazine was launching a conference for freelance creatives. Serendipitous, eh? I accepted eagerly the assignment to develop and write a self-mailer/brochure, create ads to appear in HOW and write the conference website. Along the way, I also contributed to the logo design (incorporating a portfolio case, the one thing common to all the creative disciplines served by CFC) and tagline, and developed the benefit statement we’d use throughout the campaign:

Get the PROJECTS you want
from the CLIENTS you want
at the PRICE you want

Design: Laurie Dugan

Creative Freelancer Conference 2008, Chicago Image


How do I balance finding work with doing work?
Which niche should I target, and how do I position myself within it?
How do I create a continuous stream of good prospects?
How do I find out a client’s budget?
Am I charging too much or too little?
What should my contract include?

Get the answers you need to move your freelance business forward at the 2008 Creative Freelancer Conference in Chicago. Ilise Benun, Peleg Top and a team of creative-business experts will share the most effective strategies for finding new clients, managing your time, crafting winning proposals and more.

Focused, affordable and loaded with networking opportunities, this one-of-a-kind conference replaces trial and error with the tried and true—best practices for running a more efficient, more profitable and more successful freelance business.

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