Felt Design Group

Audience: Company owners and marketing directors in the building products industry
Items Produced: Branding Brochure, Website, E-Newsletter Series

When California-based DeFord Designs re-branded as Felt Design Group, they tapped me to help them write a new branding brochure and website targeting the building products industry. An extension of the firm’s new “Create a sensation” tagline, the brochure explores six sensations evoked by a well-built brand. From that we developed the e-newsletter series “10 Ways to Create a Sensation Around Your Brand,” with advice specific to companies in the building products industry. For the firm’s website, I helped with bios and copy about the studio, its process and awards, and the impressively green building it occupies.

Design: Felt Design Group

Felt Design Group Image


Welcome to Felt, a brand powerhouse for the building products industry.

What exactly does that mean? It’s really quite simple.

You make (or sell) building products. We make the tools to propel your brand into the stratosphere.

Like a strong logo and identity system. Compelling ad campaigns and marketing materials. An intuitive website that’s a true extension of your brand. All designed to connect you and your customers on a deeper level, so your message isn’t just seen or heard, but felt.

What’s it like in the stratosphere? Glad you asked.

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