HOW Design Conference 2006, Las Vegas

Audience: Graphic designers
Items Produced: Brochure

This is an older piece, but it’s one of my favorites. For its first appearance in Las Vegas, the HOW Design Conference adopted a “Look closer” campaign theme, encouraging designers to dig deep for inspiration and re-examine sources that don’t at first seem fruitful. I developed the concept for this small-format brochure and wrote the intro (below), accentuating both the gaudy and good design they’d see in Vegas.

I also developed/wrote a “Do the Strip in 24 Hours” map  for the center spread, to help attendees make the most of their limited conference downtime. The campaign, venue and program (it takes all three) drew more than 3,500 designers to Vegas—a HOW Conference record.

Design: Mark Weinstein

HOW Design Conference 2006, Las Vegas Image



One branding lesson after another. On the Strip alone—a mere four miles—you can observe hundreds of expertly crafted brands in action, seducing their target audiences into eating, drinking, buying and, well, being the brand. But as Yale professor Robert Venturi and a team of architecture and design students discovered during a research project in 1968, traditional methods of study don’t always apply in Las Vegas.


Here’s a meaningful juxtaposition for you—and a lesson that might serve you well the next time you’re handed a ho-hum project with a tiny budget and no apparent creative potential: 100 years ago, Las Vegas was nothing more than a dusty railroad stop in the harsh Mojave Desert. It became a town when the Union Pacific auctioned 1,200 lots in a single day in May, 1905. It became the entertainment capital of the world when designers, architects and developers looked closer and imagined the unimaginable.

HOW Design Conference 2006, Las Vegas Image 1