HOW Design Conference 2007, Atlanta

Audience: Graphic designers
Items Produced: Brochure, Ad Series, Postcard

Attending a design conference is all about recharging the creative batteries, and exploring the local culture is a great way to achieve that boost. That’s why locales play a substantial role in the campaigns I create, most of which are fed by inspiration trips at the start of the project.

Such was the case for Atlanta, where the designer and I (both reared in the South) sipped sweet tea, sampled fried peach pies and stumbled upon an old Coca Cola mural that solidified the one-word theme we’d been mulling over for weeks: REFRESH. The photo we snapped was brochure-worthy, as were images of tea and fresh peaches and old tin walls the designer shot herself—paired with simple, genuine messages like the one on the opening spread: COME DRINK FROM THE WELL.

Design: Laurie Dugan

HOW Design Conference 2007, Atlanta Image



Ever wish the refresh button on your browser worked for people, too? If it did, your computer would likely shut itself down and order you to walk away from your desk. Get out of the office and see new things. Meet new people. Hear new perspectives. Learn new skills. And come back to work recharged, rejuvenated and refreshed.

Easier said than done? Not if you join us in Atlanta for the 2007 HOW Design Conference, June 10-13.


LOOK! A craft.

Follow these instructions to make a screamin’ luggage tag for your trip to Atlanta, home of the world’s busiest airport (and many, many bags that look just like yours). You’re bound to spot some fellow attendees in baggage claim, so be neighborly and say hello. Maybe even share a cab to the hotel. See? You’re not even there yet and you’ve already refreshed yourself with a handmade craft and some newfound friends.

HOW Design Conference 2007, Atlanta Image 1