International Retail Design Conference 2008, Seattle

Audience: Retail designers and visual merchandisers
Items Produced: Print/Online Campaign

What will you think of next? That line of copy inspired the campaign for IRDC in 2008, a record-setting year for attendance. As the opening line in the conference brochure, surrounded by images of standout retail design, it served as both a nod to the creativity of the design community and a call to stoke the fire that produces those great ideas.

From that I developed a three-pronged benefit statement that summed up the inspiration, networking and education components of the IRDC experience: Feed your muse. Broaden your circle. Hone your process. These served as section headers in the oversize brochure, which featured gorgeous, larger-than-life photos of flagship stores, independent boutiques and architectural landmarks in Seattle, the conference locale.

Design: Becky Mengel Freund
Seattle Retail Photography: Dione Benson and Gary Silverstein, We Shoot

International Retail Design Conference 2008, Seattle Image


feed your muse
IRDC is the place to see exceptional design and visual merchandising from retailers around the globe. But it’s much more than a portfolio show. You’ll hear the stories behind those inspiring designs—the challenges posed and the process of answering them—in sessions that span every retail sector.

broaden your circle
IRDC networking events bring you face to face with design decision-makers from the most important names in retail—for three productive days. And in a setting conducive to networking, best-practice sharing and relationship building.

hone your process
The educational component of the conference allows you to choose breakout sessions, Q&A panels and roundtable discussions on topics unique to your retail sector or design specialization—and come away with insights and resources you can apply to your own work.

International Retail Design Conference 2008, Seattle Image 1