First, we talk.

You tell me about your project, your business and why it’s spectacular. Then we talk about your timeline and budget.

If everything’s clicking and we both think I may be a good fit for your project, I send you some relevant samples and wait for your delighted response.

You give me the nod and I craft a proposal outlining your specific needs as I understand them, along with some general recommendations for the project.

Once you’ve confirmed the specific needs, I return the proposal with an estimated fee, payment terms and dotted line. You sign and return the agreement, we create a schedule for the project, and the ball begins to roll.

While I’m waiting for the idea fairy to visit, I thoroughly research your market, competitors, prospects and product or service, then send you a few questions to answer so I fully understand your perspective on all of the above and your vision for the project’s outcome.

Ideas in hand, I send you an initial draft with headlines, subheads and general themes—accompanied, in many cases, by sketches to indicate flow and hierarchy of information.

Once that’s approved, I develop the copy and send you a full draft in all its glory. My fee includes up to two rounds of revision as well as eagle-eye proofreading once the design is underway.

If you’re a graphic design business, you generally take it from there. If I’m collaborating with your in-house designer (or with a designer/firm I’ve recommended for the project), I’m usually involved in most or all of the creative process—from brainstorming and concepting to sourcing images, reviewing design proofs and final signoff. The Full Betsy, as one client calls it.

Ready to talk? Call me at 513 680 3769 or email me to arrange a chat.

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