All of my clients have one thing in common: creativity.

You either run creative businesses or market to them. And you want to communicate creatively with potential clients and customers—in print materials and online.

The goal: Good design paired with copy that’s fun and flavorful, clear and concise.

What qualifies as a creative business? Design firms (of a graphic, branding, interactive, packaging, interior/architecture, landscape, retail or hospitality nature), photographers, illustrators, candlestick makers—any creative business looking for brand-building ideas and the words to express them.

If you sell materials, tools, services, publications or experiences for the aforementioned creatives—right-brainers with high aesthetic standards and a low tolerance for boring copy—I can help you craft your message.

Feeling some chemistry? Have a look at my work.

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Here’s what typically happens after that.

A Partial List of Clients

Creative Businesses

  • Annette English & Associates
  • Advertising Vehicles
  • Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati
  • Felt Design Group
  • Orange Bike Design
  • Riedel Creative Group
  • Top Design

Businesses Serving Creatives

  • Boutique Design
  • Boutique Design New York
  • Creative Freelancer Conference
  • Horticulture
  • Hospitality Style
  • HOW
  • HOW Design Conference
  • In-HOWse Designer Conference
  • International Retail Design Conference
  • Marketing Mentor
  • Mind Your Own Business Conference
  • Print